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    Discuss This Story OpinionWednesday, July 31st, 2013 at 1:35am by Benjamin, BZPower Reporter

    BrickFair VA 2013 is a few days away, and if you live within a 3 hour drive of any LEGO convention I would argue you should make the trip to visit or attend said nearby convention. Why? Because attending such an event is one of the most fun things you will do with your year! You'll make new friends, get to truly geek out, and grab some exclusive LEGO gear not found in stores. Still need a little convincing on why a day-trip or full-weekend vacation is worth your time? Read on.

    Iconic theme Town is displayed plenty.

    My first LEGO convention was BrickFest '04 (BF04), a mere 20 minutes from my house. Do you think a convention is �too far away� from you or your town isn't cool enough to host one? Do a quick Google search for a list (or pay attention to BZP's news feed) and you just might realize that the rad convention being promoted is a reasonable distance from your residence! Imagine my 14-year-old surprised self just days before BrickFest realizing it was within my grasp.

    This couple is sure to have a creative display each year.

    What I definitely wanted to do was meet other BZPower members, and BF04 proved the best place to do so. It was a safe environment with plenty of LEGO displays to check out while getting to know someone. This allowed me to finally meet other BZPower members like myself, including an admin, by getting in touch with a few members who posted that they were going. The best part is, we LEGO fans are some of the nicest people around, but that's not a big surprise when we play with kids' toys. Now I've met so many members I've lost count and made dozens of friends who I keep in touch with and can't wait to see each year. At BrickFair, and any convention BZP will have a presence at, the staff always encourage you to come say �hi� at the Bionicle tables and sign the guestbook. If you attend, you get to hang out with BZPower members all weekend!

    Look at what a great collab can do.

    Whether you are just visiting during public hours or attending for the full weekend, this is your chance to be 100%, unapologetically enthusiastic about your hobby. Everyone there shares the heightened sense of emotion, and while some might hide it behind a stern �don't touch my MOC' glare, they are just as happy to be there with you. When else will you be able to meet new friends while showing off your MOCs and enjoying the public that ogle at your creations? If you just visit for the day, you can meet other members at the Bionicle tables and even hang out after for pizza and laser tag.

    The BZTower
    See? BZP after-hours shenanigans.

    Finally, please do not forget your wallet at home. This is your chance to take advantage of grab-bag vendors selling assorted bricks, buy some fan-made t-shirts and jewelry, and get a deal on individual parts and minifigs without having to pay shipping from BrickLink. I love the stuff BrickForge makes (BrickArms is also popular), and there are plenty of individual item vendors to leave you walking away happy. And if breaking your bank isn't your kind of party, attendees are almost guaranteed to get something small free, even if it's just the treats in your goodie bag and the convention's kit.

    There's sure to be something to astound everyone.

    Most importantly, you get to try something new and have fun while doing it! Visiting during public hours is a great way to slowly test the waters, but if you meet the age limits and can afford it there's no reason not to just jump right in. You'll make new friends, enjoy being around like-minded and passionate individuals, and pick up some cool swag while you're at it. LEGO conventions are a ton of fun, and it�s worth looking into your options for going, near or far. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

    BZP Mosaic
    The BZPower community coming together for an awesome time.

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