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    Bionicle comic writer and BZPower member Greg Farshtey has kindly provided us with the following "wild kraata" chart, which lists kraata colors, associated powers, and the colors of the Rahkshi they turn into.

    Important note: Rahkshi in these colors are not coming out as sets, although some will make appearances in the storyline next year. This is for information only.

    Note that for those Rahkshi who are multi-colored, the first color is that of their head and spine, and the second is that of their hands and feet.

    Lemon Metallic/Dark Grey MetallicWeather controlGold
    Bright Yellowish Green/Bright YellowElasticityTan
    Black/Bright OrangeHeat visionYellow
    Dark Green/Bright YellowIllusionTan-Blue
    Lemon Metallic/Bright RedTeleportBlue-Green
    Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue MetallicQuick HealingBlack-Brown
    Lemon Metallic/Dark GreenLaser visionRed-Orange
    Dark Grey Metallic/Lemon MetallicGravityBlue-Silver
    Bright Blue/Bright RedElectricityBlue-White
    Black/Bright YellowSonicsYellow-Green
    Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish GreenVacuumOrange-Black
    Dark Grey/Sand Blue MetallicPlasmaTan-Red
    Bright Orange/BlackMagnetismBlack-Gold
    Black/Bright RedFire resistanceAquamarine
    Bright Yellow/Dark GreenIce resistanceRed-Yellow
    Bright Red/Lemon MetallicMind readingLight Purple
    Dark Grey/Bright Yellowish GreenShapeshiftingBlue-Gold
    Reddish Gold/Bright YellowDarknessBlack-Red
    Reddish Gold/BlackPlant controlGreen-Brown
    Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish GoldMolecular disruption (inorganic)Light Blue
    Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon MetallicChain lightningSilver
    Sand Blue Metallic/Light Grey MetallicCycloneBlack-White
    Dark Green/Lemon MetallicDensity controlBlack-Green
    Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright YellowChameleonRed-Gold
    Bright Red/Bright BlueAccuracyBlue-Purple
    Sand Yellow Metallic/BlackRahi controlMagenta
    Bright Yellow/BlackInsect controlOrange
    Sand Blue Metallic/Dark GreyStasis fieldBlue-Black
    Black/Sand Yellow MetallicLimited invulnerabilityGray
    Bright Red/Black Power screamPurple
    Bright Yellow/Sand Yellow MetallicDodgeRed-Silver
    Bright Yellowish Green/Dark GreySilenceGray-Black
    Bright Yellow/Reddish GoldAdaptationBlack-Purple
    Light Grey Metallic/Sand Blue MetallicSlowBlue-Yellow
    Black/Reddish GoldConfusionGray-Green
    Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow MetallicSleepMaroon
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