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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsWednesday, July 21st, 2021 at 5:50am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    It's time to finish our coverage of Bio-Cup 2021 Round 2. This time we're going to take a look at the champions, the MOCs that passed this round. And they're quite good, so continue on to check em out.

    Set the Usurper by VelociJACKtor
    Subtheme: Africa

    Set the Usurper

    It's not an overly complicated design, but the setup gives it a real sense of motion. The god Set is particularly nice with the robotic bits peaking out of the robe.

    10-GU by buttloaf_builds
    Subtheme: East Asia


    This is an interesting mech with some fun wings and a neat cannon arm. But the detailed head is what really sells its character.

    BB-YGA Prowler by Alex Mertens
    Subtheme: Eastern Europe & Slavic Countries

    BB-YGA Prowler

    Someone has a good set of legs! The overall use of pistons on the joints is pretty clever, but my favorite part is the incorporation of the shiny Rock Raiders drill pieces on the thighs.

    The Spider Woman by B.D.
    Subtheme: North America

    The Spider Woman

    The spider-like quality of this character is very apparent in the details, from the head design to the blue webbing and, of course, the eight arms that look quite smooth. The colors of the body also give it a distinct Native American feel. Shame it doesn't look like it can stand on those very narrow feet.

    Tumatauenga by Alex_mocs
    Subtheme: Oceania and Mairitime Southeast Asia


    This guy is ready for battle. There's a nice fusion of old legend and future tech, as the limbs and weapons look very mechanical but then it has a tribal outfit and spear that harkens back to ancient times. Also, smoke stacks are incorporated! Quite fun.

    GARUDA-Class Starfighter by Yannick Godts
    Subtheme: South Asia & Mainland Southeast Asia

    GARUDA-Class Starfighter

    This is a cool star-ship shaped like a bird (and honestly wouldn't look out of place in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.) The wings are particularly well done, and I like how the burnt orange katanas are used from the old Bionicle Gukko set.

    Akhkhazu the Plaguebringer by Djokson
    Subtheme: West and Central Asia

    Akhkhazu the Plaguebringer

    The thing that really stands out to me here are the colors, with the spring green looking excellent next to the black elements. The head is very well detailed and I like the flippers that give texture to the hands, and the pose helps add to the character. Very cool.

    Wolpertinger by lache
    Subtheme: Western Europe

    Wolpertinger Teaser Image

    This one seems to be a monster rabbit from the future. The panels make great ears for it, and the legs are quite inspired. I guess we have to worry about it more now because it has a jet pack, but the egg looks like it's well protected.

    And that's it for Round 2. Round 3 is finishing up so we'll take a look at those MOCs soon; stay tuned!

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