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    Lego codeN/A
    DeveloperTemplar Studios/LEGO
    Web Address
    AvailabilityReadily available via Internet
    Bionicle importanceVital

    Official Description
    Once a paradise, Mata Nui has become a place of darkness and fear ruled by the deadly Makuta. Now six mighty heroes, the Toa, have come to gather Masks of Power and challenge Makuta. Explore the island...learn the legends...begin to solve the mystery of Bionicle.

    Essentially, this is the storyline. Begins with you (as first-person player) on a beach. Wander around, talk with others, find out things, collect things. Soon you will find yourself saving villages from disaster, becoming the confidante of the Toa, and facing the beginning of the next part of the saga: Bohrok Swarms.

    The game was created and released over several months during 2001 and into 2002. �Chapters� were updated on the site, and players would flock to the newly-released Flash modules. This is an extremely ambitious project that, while it had its share of bugs, was generally presented very well and helped to take the Bionicle story (and product line) to where it is today. Anyone interested in the backstory of the Toa and their villagers should spend the few hours necessary to go through the entire game.

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