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    BZPower's Best Bionicle Toa Bracket Round 4
    BZPowerMonday, March 20th, 2023 at 4:28am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    Toa Bracket Banner Image

    The final choice is upon us. Three rounds of votes have narrowed down our set of Toa to just three favorites. Left standing are Tahu Mata, 2003 Takanuva, and Lhikan. Who will get the top slot? Vote now in the forth round to help us determine the outcome. Meanwhile, read on for some thoughts on the results for the third round.

    Image of Toa Bracket Round 3

    We got 100 votes in a little less than 3 weeks, which seems like a good round up. Makes it easy to convert the percentages into votes, anyway!

    Round 3 Commentary Question 1

    It probably wasn't a long shot to assume Tahu Mata would take the win here. Although the other variations of Tahu lost out in the first round, Tahu Mata has continued to dominate the rounds. (Given that he's essentially the face of the theme, that's not too surprising.) In the opening days of this round, he also held a substantial lead... but then Lewa Mata started inching up, and ended up giving Tahu a run for his money. Hahli did okay too, although perhaps if she hadn't been a spoiler more votes could've gone to Lewa and pushed him over the top? It's all speculation at this point. Either way, this round showed that all three of these Toa had a lot of backers.

    Round 3 Commentary Question 2

    I think this is the one time a poll has significantly changed over the course of a week. In the first few days, Kopaka Mata had a clear lead over the others, but then Takanuva started to match him, and then eventually surpassed the Toa of Ice and became the clear leader in this round. In the end, we will not get to see a showdown between Tahu and Kopaka, but Takanuva was such an important character in 2003 that it's fitting he moves onto the final round. Jaller Mahri got a few votes here, but it was the least amount for any Toa in this round. The Mahri surprised me by having three of them last until this round, but they just didn't have the staying power to outlast the classic Toa.

    Round 3 Commentary Question 3

    Lhikan came out strong when this round began and never let up, claiming victory. The Toa Metru suffered badly in Round 2, but now Lhikan will represent them in the final round against a Toa Mata build and a Toa Nuva build. I'll be interested to see how he does against the two popular Toa, but Lhikan might have one more surprise for us in the end. Matoro Mahri and Lewa Nuva got some votes to make it on the map, but not enough to defeat the Toa of Fire. Lewa also was the last character to have multiple iterations in the same round, but the Nuva boy just couldn't keep up.

    It's hard to predict who might come out on top next. Tahu and Takanuva both have strong nostalgia to back them up, but Lhikan is certainly the best of the Metru builds and those were popular in earlier rounds. I'll be interested to see the results. In addition to that one final question, there are two feedback questions, namely if you would want to see more brackets and what you'd like them to be about. Make sure to get your vote in before the round ends. I'll close the round in early April (but not on the first, to avoid any confusion).

    Discuss This Story

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