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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsTuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 4:39am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    Our coverage for Bio-Cup 2021 Round 2 continues. Today we're looking back at the main pool and the entries that didn't continue on but still look pretty good. Read on to see em all.

    Nyami Nyami Breaches the Kariba Dam by Cameron
    Subtheme: Africa

    Nyami Nyami Breaches the Kariba Dam

    This MOC brings together a very cool scene based off an interesting legend. There's some nice landscape depicting the canyon walls and the large dam behind it, but the monster breaking through it is what really catches the eye, and the use of the many hexagon plates as the scales is really well done.

    P.Ter the Reformer
    Subtheme: Eastern Europe & Slavic Countries

    P.Ter the Reformer

    This Russian robot looks in need of a recharge. The basic premise of the scene is quite nice, but I really love how smooth and solid that torso design is; real quality stuff there! Also a great tile to use on the head.

    Wirebird by Obsessionist
    Subtheme: Eastern Europe & Slavic Countries


    This concept is a little abstract to me; it's supposed to be some sort of futuristic space generator? Still, I really love the shaping of the red pipes and golden weapons, and the firebird head is nicely detailed, so there's still a lot to like here.

    Gamma Sucker by Jayfa
    Subtheme: Latin America

    Gamma Sucker

    This one is an amazing mixture of a famous legend, futuristic tech, and a Bionicle concept all mixed into one. The steam punk colors and designs really come out, from the ribbed details on the torso to the greeble on the arms to the neon lit eyes on the head... it's all quite fabulous. The goats are doomed in the future.

    Mothman 2-77_1 by DanielBrickSon
    Subtheme: North America

    Mothman 2077_1

    Mothman knows how to chill out in the future. The insect like appearance with the head and antennas are very apparent, but the rest of the body has a very rustic robotic appearance. Sitting atop a crumbling wall also makes for an interesting scene.

    Old God, New Life by The Whimsical Brick
    Subtheme: Oceania and Mairitime Southeast Asia

    Old God, New Life

    Makaboteng has an interesting look here with his long slender limbs; I especially like the necklace and detailed deer skull atop his head. The mini deer at his side is also quite clever, and I really like the use of the Slizer faceplate. The scenery is fairly basic, but man that basket design is nice.

    Gnowee the Smogwalker by Silvak the Mocist
    Subtheme: Oceania and Mairitime Southeast Asia

    Gnowee the Smogwalker

    Perhaps this MOC relies a little too much on the cloths to give it is good shaping, but it still has nice details like the pistons and krana in the torso, and the torch is quite neat too.

    Minerva: Goddess of eSports by JimiFurno
    Subtheme: Western Europe

    Minerva: Goddess of eSports

    Okay, this is a very clever concept of the future, because of course there'd be a goddess of video games. The chair looks pretty comfortable (I mean, for a Lego figure, anyway) and I like the krana design built into the PC. The goddess herself has a slender but solid build, and I like the colored hair elements. May she bless the best of the gamers.

    We have more MOCs from Bio-Cup 2021 Round 2 to feature, so stay tuned for a few more stories!

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