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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsSaturday, June 5th, 2021 at 2:18pm by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    Bio-Cup 2021 has started, and the Preliminary round is already in full swing. The theme is Bionicle Remixed, so people need to take classic Bionicle characters and reimagine them. We still have a few days before the entry period ends, but there've already been a good amount of cool MOCs submitted, so today we'll take a glance at some of them to show off the cool builds people are making.

    Bonk's Not Dead by Pohaturon

    Bonk's Not Dead

    This Toa is just oozing with character. Punk Tahu has a lot of great features, from the flaming mohawk, spiked wrist bands, and classy belt made from a Dots bracelet. Beyond the clever parts usages, the pose really serves the character well. This guy isn't going to give in to the norms!

    G.A.L.I. by Johann Dakitsch


    This new underwater explorer both looks and doesn't look like our favorite Toa of Water. The barebone limbs look like they'd be great for efficiency while working deep underwater, and the fins on the feet would help quite a lot for swimming. I like the inclusion of the original hooks and the clever use of the clear dome to protect the head element. This unit is well equipped to explore the mysteries of the deep ocean.

    Lewa - Tribal Chieftain by Petersheikah

    Lewa - Tribe Chieftain

    This reimagining of Lewa makes him into a rather buff looking woodsman. I think the torso design is quite clever, and the brown Kakama masks on the hips work really well too. I also appreciate how well the eyes stand out behind the Miru mask. This looks like a Toa you would not want to cross, but if you're friendly he might show you some of his woodworking.

    Toa of Lightbulbs by Hans Giesfeldt

    Toa of Lightbulbs

    This answers the question of what Takanuva would look like having achieved his true potential... or what would've happened after Makuta parted and rebuilt him. The base does very must look like the original Toa was kind of just smooshed into place, but the ingenious use of glittery Avohkii masks as the light bulb is the true highlight of the set. And the inclusion of the power cord is another nice touch!

    Takanufirefly by moc_imiku


    Our favorite Toa of Light appears again, this time in the guise of a cute little big. The color blocking is quite nice, and the white panels work well as wings. But I particularly appreciate the trans neon green head pieces that are used as the glowing parts of the firefly. These must be fun to watch at night!

    Zivon by Ivan Martynov


    Let's be real, the original Zivon combiner model is actually pretty hideous; the Visorak weren't the best sets to provide elements for a Kaita. Anyway, it never really captured the fear that it's story counterpart was supposed to. But this MOC really nails it. The sleek black design with the various splashes of bright colors makes it look quite a lot like an otherworldly horror. There are some clever designs from the scorpion tail to the blue and red pods on the arms to the lime tentacles and eyes, and the use of the Galidor torso in the center is really well done. I wouldn't want to come across this creature in the dark!

    Madame Bahrag's Cleaning Service by awesomenessborn

    Madame Bahrag’s Cleaning Service

    The Bahrag are all about cleaning, so obviously they'd start up a maid service to put their skills to good use. Although the maid outfit is new, the character does bear some resemblance to a Tahnok, complete with a krana brain. Beyond that, I really appreciate all the clever designs of the accessories, from the duster to the vacuum to the lampshade and telephone. This MOC is certainly keeping things nice and tidy.

    Boschrok by G.B.


    The Bohrok were certainly effective tools, but what if they were more like other household appliances. The Gahlok vacuum cleaner and Lehvak lawn mower have some simple but effective designs, with the iconic Bohrok heads attached to the shapely bodies of the devices. I particularly like the flex of the misprint Matatu as the grass clippings bag on the mower. These will be great for getting some chores done.

    Symbiote Nuhvok by Radar

    Symbiote Nuhvok

    What would happen if Venom landed on Aqua Magna and merged with a Bohrok? Well, that might have involved this nightmarish creation. I like how the overall body structure remains true to the Nuhvok's shape, but the spikes and opened mouth are very Venom-like. This one looks less like it will clean and more like it will consume!

    Gahlok Nymph by The Underscored Double

    Gahlok Nymph

    Another Bohrok reimagined MOC appears, and this time the Gahlok takes on a more insect-like appearance. The crafty body design meshes into the clever face, while the classic Bohrok faceplate and krana remain ever present. This one looks like a pest that you wouldn't want in your village for sure!

    The Legend of the Bionicle by Student Scissors

    The Legend of the Bionicle

    And then Makuta cast a spell, which made Mata-Nui sleep... that's what I imagine is going on in this set here. The designs are fairly simple but the imagery is still quite powerful, from the Skrall shield on the ground to Makuta being formed of mostly a cape and a mask. The rising of the bed is a nice tough, and while Mata-Nui (or so I assume) is pretty bare bones, I appreciate the inclusion of the Star Wars visor in the arm to give it a bit more greeble even at this scale. He could really use some help from the Toa to wake him up about now.

    There have been some great entries, and I expect many of these will make it on into the first round. But some folks definitely like to build right up to the deadline, so I expect we'll see a lot more cool MOCs get posted in the coming days. And perhaps if you're also inspired to build, you can still join in, as the entry period is opened until June 8th. I'm looking forward to seeing how this contest goes this year!

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