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    Lego code8557
    Number of pieces360
    ActionExtending claw, "electro-rocket"; flip-down chest hatch
    AvailabilityBecoming available worldwide
    Alternate model(s)Exo-Raptor
    Bionicle importanceSecondary

    Official Description
    Hidden deep beneath the surface of Mata Nui are six powerful suits of armor. Who designed and built these awesome technological constructs is unknown, nor do the legends explain why there were concealed for so long. But the reason for their existence is recorded in the chronicles of the Turaga: should the Bohrok swarms run wild and bring chaos to Mata Nui, only the Toa clad in this Exo-Toa armor can hope to stop them.

    The Toa can easily climb inside the exo-Toa and use its power against Cahdok and Gahdok. Each suit of armor comes with a claw arm and electro-rocket, and the built-in exo-skeleton increases the strength of the Toa by many times. There are rumors that the exo-Toa armor is also able to function on its own, with no wearer, but these have not been confirmed.

    The Toa, trapped between fire and impenetrable rock, used their wits to escape a chamber deep underneath the surface of Mata Nui. There they found a chamber with 8 Krana-shaped indentations. Placing their captured Krana into the receptacles, six corridors opened, with an Exo-Toa suit at the end of each. The Toa fought against the Bahrag twins, Cahdok and Gahdok, using these suits. However, the exo suits hindered the Toa’s use of their elemental powers and they reluctantly shed the new suits. The Toa defeated the Bahrag by combining powers, but it backfired on the group and each were submerged in potent liquid protodermis and transformed into Toa Nuva.

    The Bahrag confrontation chamber collapsed shortly afterward, possibly destroying the Exo-Toa suits.

    The Exo-Toa has a flip-back head that makes it look like it would have intelligence and movement of its own accord. Each Toa fits except Pohatu, who requires modification of his inverted torso in order to fit, and Onua, whose Pakari mask gets in the way of the chest armor. Relatively simple modifications allow each to take their place behind the chest armor.

    Toa sold separately.

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