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    Yet more answers from GregF
    Hot Bionicle NewsSaturday, February 1st, 2003 at 9:54pm by Rich, BZPower Administrator

    BZPower's window into Bionicle creativity, Greg Farshtey, answers more reader questions.

    1) Will Makuta and the Bahrag ever work together?

    A: No, not that I am aware of.

    2) Why didn't the Bahrag use the Bohrok-Kal in the first place to destroy Mata Nui and the Toa?

    A: Because that is not the purpose of the Bohrok-Kal. They are not here to accomplish the Bohrok's mission - they are here to find the Bahrag so the Bohrok can go back to doing what they are supposed to do.

    3) Will the Toa Nuva have to collect the Kals' krana?

    A: The krana-kal give the Toa Nuva valuable information, but they are not a "key" the way the krana were.

    4) Are the Bohrok-Kal going to attack their corresponding village, or like the swarms, the best one to attack strategically?

    A: No. The Bohrok-Kal aren't here to attack villages - they're here to find the Bahrag.

    5) Do you know when the Matoran are coming out(try and give us the month)?

    A: I believe it is July, 2003.

    6) In the first comic of the Bohrok Saga, #4 I think, a Matoran came to warn the Toa that Ta-Koro was under attack. Origionally, the website parallel storyline told us "Kapura reached the Toa [in time to warn them about the Bohrok]" But it was later changed to "The Toa reached Ta-Koro in time." Why? Was the Tohunga not Kapura? Or is it not important?

    A: I have no idea why it was changed.

    7) Gali, Nokama, and Maku are girls so are Gahlok, Gahlok va, and Gahlok Kal girls?

    A: I doubt it. Since the Bohrok-Kal and Bohrok are artificial life and essentially vehicles for the krana, they don't have a gender, anymore than a car or a plane or a tank has a gender.

    8) Do you know if any more LEGO people are going to join BZP?

    A: I don't know. That would be nice.

    9) You mentioned the Toa Nuva actually USING the Vahi at a later date... Can we have some info as to why they would have to?

    A: Oh, that's easy: Bohrok-Kal.

    10) Will the Bahrag still be in the same form when they next appear? Will they be the spider form, or something unknown. Or will they be the same old Bahrag?

    A: Same form. They have been imprisoned all this time, haven't had much opportunity to change.

    11) Are there different versions of the Boxor? (i.e. different colors, different weapons on the arms)?

    A: Yes, I am sure there are, we just haven't pictured them.

    12) Is there any place (besides Ebay) that I can buy the Bonicle comics (particularly #3)? It never came to me.

    A: Try calling Consumer Affairs here. They might be able to get you one.

    13) How many Matoran will LEGO make in all?

    I believe we have 8 coming out this year.

    14) Why were the Kanohi Rau and Huna never used in the storyline?

    A: Well, if you are asking about the comics, it's because the comics focus on the Toa and Toa Nuva, not on the Turaga.

    15) What is the purpose of the Krana-Kal?

    A: To act as the intelligence behind the Bohrok-Kal, and to seek out and free the Bahrag.

    16) Because of initial reaction, will the Bohrok Kal be shortchanged in the comics/storyline?

    A: What initial reaction? What I have seen mostly on BZPower has been people saying, "I wasn't interested in these, but now that I know the story, I want to buy them." At any rate, storyline length is determined long, long before the product releases, and does not get changed based on sales projections. And when we make projections, we look at a lot more things than reactions on the web.

    17) Are all Matoran in Ga-Koro female, and in the other koros male?

    A: Yes.

    19) GregF, do you have any comments to the new sets?

    A: Personally? I think the Rahkshi look awesome, and the stuff coming after is some of the best and most unique we have done for BIONICLE. Probably the sets that are causing the most controversy among fans have been the Matoran - I have been getting a lot of PMs about them.

    20) How old are each of the Toa? Is it like Lewa is 17 years old and Tahu is 45?

    A: All Toa Nuva are the same age. Originally, when BIONICLE was first conceived, the idea was that Lewa was the youngest, Onua was the oldest, etc., but that got scrapped early on. You still see it in some places because there are people who used material right out of the first story bibles, without checking to see if it had been changed.

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