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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsMonday, July 4th, 2022 at 4:04am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    It's time for some more Bio-Cup 2022 MOC features. Round One finished up last week and the remaining builders are already working on their next batch. So to fill some of the time, we're taking a look back at the various builds based on the Kaiju theme. Read on to check out these MOCs.

    Reclaimed by the Elements by Magmafrost13
    Subtheme: Elemental

    Reclaimed by the Elements

    This elemental crab has a lot of cool designs built in, from the colorful coral to the clever claw made out of a boat hull. But I particularly like the wing pieces used to make the top of the shell.

    Where the Sky Ends by Dan V
    Subtheme: Robotic

    Where The Skies End - Built for Biocup R1

    Quite an impressive robotic dragon, and the metallic wings work really well here, although I also appreciate the repeated use of the jet pack pieces on the belly.

    Death Moves On Many Legs by Will Hafner
    Subtheme: Insectoid

    Death Moves On Many Legs

    The gold and trans blue elements works very well for this critter, with a lot of good repeated textures. And, man, that face is creepy.

    Nimbura, The Verdant by T. Jenson
    Subtheme: Elemental

    Nimbura, The Verdant

    This is a fun and colorful dino-like critter. The head makes a good use of the dragon jaw and Metus helmet, and the colorful flowers are a great touch.

    Lunar Scolopendra by moc_imiku
    Subtheme: Insectoid

    Lunar Scolopendra

    This big bug makes good use of the jagged tires along the body, and the basic build of the lunar landscape helps sell the scale.

    Amagaeru Unit by Joe Swansus
    Subtheme: Robotic

    Amagaeru unit

    The shape really sells this as a robotic frog, especially with the webbed hands. Shame this amphibian is fond of setting buildings on fire.

    Black Hellmouth, Devourer of Planets and Suns by Margit
    Subtheme: Cosmic Horror

    Black Hellmouth, Devourer of Planets and Suns

    This creature is one out of a nightmare, with a lot of bulbous tentacles made using tires. The circular mouth is also impressive, but I like the Ninjago dice spinners used on the claws too.

    Skaboingulak by Alex Mertens
    Subtheme: Extraterrestrial


    This has to be the most abstract MOC from the batch, but it works well for an alien concept. The nice balance of colors and fun shapes utilizing stuff like ZNAP and balloon elements really work together here. I don't know what it is, but the shapes are still pleasing.

    Sewer Leviathan by PiggyBackP
    Subtheme: Reptile

    Kaiju: Sewer Leviathan

    This lizard man feels a bit basic compared to some of the other fantastical designs we've seen, but it's still a very solid build with some good color blocking and bulk to it. Quite impressive.

    Mecha Bohrok vs Red Defender by Bionic Supreme
    Subtheme: Robotic

    Mecha Bohrok vs Red Defender

    This Bohrok monster is very intimidating, but also does a nice job of reflecting the designs of the original set, with its limb proportions and shield weapons. The silver, trans orange, and dark purple work well together... although the old purple on the knees does feel out of place. The red defender is nice, and his flame thrower weapons remind me of the Slizer Torch.

    We've got a lot more MOCs to feature from the Bio-Cup Round One, so make sure to stay tuned to BZPower to see more of them. There are a lot of impressive MOCs being entered this year for sure. I wonder who'll win the top spot?

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