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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsWednesday, June 22nd, 2022 at 1:36am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    Our coverage of the Bio-Cup 2022 Preliminary Round continues, with a handful of other cool MOCs to feature. All based off the simple theme of Nature, these are some of the many fine builds that got entered into the contest.

    Dwayne The Croc Johnson by Axelford2

    Dwayne The Croc Johnson

    The name pun alone is great, but there's a lot of good pieces used to represent the muscles, from the krana on the arms to the fists on the abs to the frogs on the fingertips. Tough stuff!

    Overgrown by Dylan Mievis


    This skeleton is impressively designed, and the integration of the flowers sells the theme well. And although it doesn't stand out, the wheelchair also has a solid design.

    Drought Herald by Tinkerer

    drought herald

    The clever shaping here really do bring about the personification of a drought. I especially like the face details with the partially hidden krana.

    Reef Mother by Grayson

    Reef Mother

    There are a lot of cool parts used to make the reef elements on the back of the turtle. But then when you realize the head is a reused dino body, it's even more impressive.

    Prukk, defender of the front lawn by Nuhvok_mok

    Prukk, defender of the front lawn

    This looks like a bug to be wary of. It has a solid yet vibrant color scheme and a great menacing pose.

    妈妈 by Ryan Z.


    Looked up the name and it's Chinese for Mother, and you can certainly get that feel from the shaping. The dragon wings as the cloak work well.

    New Mother Nature/ No Sugar Tonight by Braylon Turner

    New Mother Nature/ No Sugar Tonight

    The usage of vines here gives this a really organic shaping, and the shaping is quite impressive. (And a little forboding too?)

    Highland Forest by Aiden.Builds

    Highland Forest

    This has to be my favorite landscape design. The multiple tree designs using basic Bionicle pieces are well done, and the landscape and the water really work out, especially with the Lehvak shield lily pad. The deer is the best touch in the center. The scene really works.

    Old, Sick, Dead by Cameron

    Old, Sick, Dead

    Here's a clever Bionicle way to tie into the noble truths of Buddhism. The characters are quite simple but expertly posed with their scenes to sell their nature. (These wouldn't make bad trophies either.)

    The Demogorchid by Jayfa

    The Demogorchid

    Another highlight is this variation of the popular monster, especially after we saw the demogorgon head reused in the orchid set. The colors really make it look plant-like, and the head is exceptional.

    And that's it for our coverage of the Bio-Cup Preliminary Round, although there were still plenty of other great submissions. The First Round with the theme of Kaiju ends this week, so expect to see more monster MOCs appearing on the front page shortly. There are a lot of impressive MOCs being entered this year for sure. I wonder who'll win the top spot?

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