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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsSunday, July 11th, 2021 at 5:54am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    Bio-Cup 2021 has finished with Round 2, and now it's time to start featuring some of the MOCs, even as the pool has rapidly shrunk. Before we look at the main round, we'll feature a few of the MOCs from the Redemption Round that was building for the contests theme, which was to build futuristic recreations of old legends from around the world.

    Atlantis Mech by Eli Venarske
    Subtheme: Western Europe

    Atlantis Mech

    Obviously if Atlantis were to exist in the future it would be in a giant underwater mech! The red mech itself is a little messy, but the design really leans into the chaotic nature of the tubing and panels. The city dome is much cleaner, and I really like the small city scape hidden behind the glass panels. The underwater landscape is also a nice touch and makes good use of greebled Bionicle parts to give it a rustic look.

    Cyberpunk Vahki by Dungeon Master
    Subtheme: Metru-Nui??

    Vahki in the cyberpunk style.

    I suppose the Vahki aren't quite the real-world legends that the contest aspired towards, but they work out all the same. I like the silver, bare-bones design of the body, and the cyclops-like head is neat. My favorite parts are the relatively simple splashes of trans blue and purple on the staffs, giving it a more neon-lit appearance.

    Amazonian Warrior by T. Jenson
    Subtheme: Western Europe

    Amazonian Warrior

    Of course this is how we're going to receive packages in the future. The robot legs are super clever here and it looks like something that would be quite speedy. The brick build box is another very fun detail.

    R41-J1 Suit by Traian Manolescu
    Subtheme: Western Europe

    R41-J1 Suit

    I'm assuming this is supposed to be a futuristic Thor, based on the horned helmet design and the hammer. While the head is quite good, the turbines in the back using the Rhotuka spinners is my favorite part. It really makes it look like this guy can speed along.

    Ancestor Spirit Nommo by Ivan Martynov
    Subtheme: Africa

    Ancestor Spirit Nommo

    This was the winner of the Round 2 Redemption Round, and it's easy to see why. The head has some great shaping to it and really does resemble the traditional masks from Mali. The use of the fins on the arms and legs are nice and also give it the amphibious look. Meanwhile, the tiny robot helpers are small but very imaginative. Congratulations on the win for a well done model.

    We have more MOCs from Bio-Cup 2021 Round 2 to feature, so stay tuned for a few more stories!

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