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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsMonday, July 13th, 2020 at 3:10am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The third round of Bio-Cup 2020 has completed, and we are now at the semi-finals. This time, the theme was Art History, which each of the contestants being assigned different time periods. Since there's only eight entries, read on to see all of them.

    Middle Ages

    "Music of the Deep" by VB

    Music of the Deep

    VB's entry is a hellish pipe organ. The background structure of the instrument looks very detailed and realistic, but it's the wide jaws of the beast at the base that really draws the eyes. Another fine detail are the two imps flying around the structure. Music class will never be scarier after seeing this creation!

    "The Gluttonous" by buttload_builds

    The Gluttonous

    There's a reason gluttony is a sin. This character is oozing with details, from the wide jaw to the crazy ear snakes to the beady eyes. The posture of this guy sitting down on a simple landscape really sells his sin, and I'm sure the rest of us wouldn't want to be his next snack.


    "Creation of 55736275 by 4e71716a7961627675676664" by Red

    Creation of 55736275 by 4e71716a7961627675676664

    Red has made a recreation of a popular classic painting with a robotic spin to it, as the new robot reaches out to his creator. There are a lot of interesting textures here, like the robots spine, the creator's swirl of flex tubes, and the flowing hills made up of Rahkshi pieces. There's a lot of nice details in this one!

    "La Tomba Dell'angelo" by Cody Avery

    La Tomba Dell'angelo

    Cody built "The Angels Tomb" stunning details. The angel himself has a fun muscular build with a very colorful wing spread, and the use of the Galidor staff is perfect here. On top of that, the detailed landscape design with the pillars, candles, and light rays in the background it outstanding, and the charred remains of the skeleton at the bottom really finishes this off. A very stunning piece!

    "Archangel Michael" by Tino Poutiainen

    Archangel Michael

    Tino has made a create Archangel, with crafty wings, a new skirt, and an ingenious shield with show arrows already stuck into it. The scene is made better with a rocky base where a devil is lurking, probably trying to hide from Michael's wrath. This is quite a memorable entry!

    19th Century

    "Toa Terrain Crawler Setting Down Jaller And Matoro In The Last Circle Of The Pit" by Pohaturon

    Toa Terrain Crawler Setting Down Jaller And Matoro In The Last Circle Of The Pit

    Pohaturon has recreated a classic painting with a nostalgic Bionicle feel. The humanoid Terrain Crawler is an interesting model, with fancy designs built into the head and torso. But what really sells this model are the fancy elements used to create the sea life, from the flowing school of squids to the corals made up of Hero Factory weapons and kraata, although I think my favorite is the simple seaweed piece topped with shadow leeches. It's a bright colorful creation that draws inspiration from a famous art piece while also reminding us of the undersea adventures in Mahri-Nui. Well done!

    "Art Noveau Candelabra" by Sergei Rahkmaninoff

    Art Noveau Candelabra

    Sergei has creating an amazing candlestick with lots of fun, elegant curves that definitely make it look like this thing is moving. The base is built perfectly around the sword element, and then the curve pieces expertly wrap around the humanoid torso and arms, giving it an excellent flow. The face, despite being small, also have a surprising amount of detail to it that gives the creation a lot of personality. I'm sure this MOC will do a great job of lighting up the way in the dark.

    "The Great He-Goat" by Jayfa

    The Great He-Goat

    Would you be up for a sacrifice? Jayfa has again made an excellent detailed creature, and this He-Goat has some fun fur-like textures on his chest, intricate horns and a highly detailed face. The candles surrounding him give the whole thing a distinct aura, and the bundle in his arms gives him a strong sense of purpose. You won't want to cross this guy!

    That's all for today. There's only one more round after this, so keep an eye on Flickr for Round Three's results and the introduction of the final round's theme. BZPower will be sure to share more of the cool creations in the future. Build on!

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