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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsFriday, May 29th, 2020 at 12:55am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    The preliminary round of Bio-Cup 2020 has recently concluded, and now the participants eagerly await the judges' decisions to see which builders will be moving onto the next round. In the meantime, there are still a lot of very cool MOCs built around the theme "Future", with a mind boggling 235 entries submitted! The Reporters of BZPower have gone through the list to highlight a couple of our favorites, so read on to check out a selection of cool models, and make sure to browse through the list to see the many other awesome Bionicle creations! Let us know which ones are your favorites in the Talkback topic!

    NBA 2K99 by Silvak the Mocist

    NBA 2K99

    The future of sports is going to be crazy if this MOC is any indication of how things will turn out. The cyber arm and spring-loaded legs are nice touches, but the rest of the uniform is also well done. And even in the far future, basketball players will be able to hydrate with sports drinks!

    CHLOROS mk.2 by deadmanswrench

    CHLOROS mk.2

    The future of package delivery is quite efficient, as this beast looks like it'll brave all the elements to get you your mail on time. The color scheme is awesome and the various curves on the wings work very well; plus it looks tough enough to protect your packages from thieves. (This is fitting, because it is supposed to be a repurposed war machine.) On top of that, the system built packages have a simple but effective design.

    EX-S33D by K-doodlz


    This robot has been able to merge with nature to form an interesting contraption. The robotic parts look a bit clunky, but that fits in with the description of an older, worn out invention, and the organic use of the greenery to fill in the gaps is nicely done. I particularly like the chest flower.

    Prism City by Aiden.Builds

    Prism City

    Futuristic city-scapes are always fun, and this MOC has a lot of interesting architecture going for it. I particularly like a lot of the rounded shapes with some clever parts usages, such as the Bohrok shields or the twirled yellow ribbed hose tower. It must be a colorful metropolis.

    The City of Utopia by David Doci

    The City of Utopia

    Another city-scape takes a more limited color approach to the architecture, but the blue and white scheme still works with the crazy futuristic shapes of the buildings. In particular, I like that it includes pieces from Throwbots, Bionicle, and Hero Factory, and the highlights include the Hero Tower, the monorail, and the Nuva shoulder Dome. This looks like a fun place to visit.

    The Hivemind by Tino Poutiainen

    [The Hivemind]

    Here's a robot that only has your best interests in mind... or at least it's interested in your mind. I especially liked the domed brain design, and there's all sorts of nifty features and wires built into the robot. And then there's the well designed base, where it keeps its harvest of cranial material. Let's hope this isn't an accurate portrayal of our futures.

    Scales of the Hereafter by Ziontyro

    Scales of the Hereafter

    This one moves away from the fancy sci-fi themes and instead draws inspiration from "hereafter." The two halves of the character are very distinct on their own, with excellent shaping and colors, but their contrasting nature really brings the full model together, and the scene at the base helps further tie things in. A very clever model.

    Bots at Work by Hans Giesfeldt

    Bots at Work

    The robots of the future will be quite interesting. The yellow construction mech has a lot of useful tools that can be used to build a better future. However, I really like the green insectioid garbage truck; I can see how it would be unsettling to encounter on the road, but it looks like it will diligently complete it's job.

    The Inheritors by G B

    The Inheritors

    Humanity's future may be doomed, but the giant roaches will be right at home in their new radioactive world. The use of the repeating masks gives the insect's torso a clever look, and I like how even the acid spill is made up of CCBS elements. This is one roach who won't be stepped on!

    Life Extension Foundation by moc_imiuku

    Life Extension Foundation

    This model feels quintessentially Bionicle, from the Turaga scientist to the Toa-in-stasis. The characters have some simple but effective designs, but the containment cell is the most impressive part of the model. It's apparently built around a Toa Nuva canister, but the technical designs around it really seamlessly blend it in; I especially like the ice blades on the side to portray the cryogenics. Very neat.

    That's all for today. Let us know which MOCs you want to see progress in the contest, and keep an eye on Flickr for the Preliminary Round's results and the introduction of the next round's theme. BZPower will be sure to share more of the cool creations in the future. Build on!

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