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    Discuss This Story Hot Bionicle NewsThursday, February 27th, 2020 at 7:49am by Jason, BZPower Reporter

    We're getting into the swing of things with our Toy Fair coverage finally. Now we're turning our attention to a second-year theme full of ghouls and poltergeists. The Hidden Side returns for another wave of spooky sets, as the main characters travel from subways to haunted amusement parks to fight ghosts and spirits with all sorts of fun vehicles mixed in. Let's check them out and see if this theme continues to live up to its strong launch from last year!

    Hidden Side


    70427 Welcome to the Hidden Side

    TF20_HS_11 TF20_HS_12

    189 Pieces. 7+
    Available in January

    This model consists primary of a haunted tree with cool blue highlights. The design is pretty generic, bit has a couple of great specter figs to populate it.

    70428 Jack's Beach Buggy

    TF20_HS_09 TF20_HS_10

    170 Pieces. 7+
    Available in January

    Hehe, it's a Monster Truck. It's a bit condensed but has a fun shape and working suspension. Plus, a classic Octan gas pump!

    70429 El Fuego's Stunt Plane

    TF20_HS_02 TF20_HS_03

    295 Pieces. 7+
    Available in January

    There's not a whole lot that's spooky about this beyond the color scheme (and I guess the skeleton pilot) but it actually looks like a really solid plane that wouldn't look out of place in another adventuring theme. A neat concept.

    70430 Newbury Subway

    TF20_HS_13 TF20_HS_14

    348 Pieces. 8+
    Available in January

    I get the idea they're going for here, and the haunted Subway car is pretty neat. But the overall structure feels very condensed; it doesn't feel like a subway station at all. A larger set with a lengthier platform and maybe working subway tracks would been preferable, but instead this just looks like a weird section of a wall.

    70431 The Lighthouse of Darkness

    TF20_HS_04 TF20_HS_05

    540 Pieces. 8+
    Available in January

    I think this might be the best location design of this wave. The lighthouse has a sizable structure built up over some decent rocky builds, and has the fun concept of the haunted landscape coming to life. Very fun.

    70432 Haunted Fairground

    TF20_HS_06 TF20_HS_07 TF20_HS_08

    466 Pieces. 8+
    Available in January

    Amusement Park sets are always a bit of a risk, because they can seem a bit barebones even for pricey sets. This model uses the roller coaster pieces to a good effect with two rides, but it does feel kind of empty compared to previous models. The clown sign that splits opened is a neat function, and the haunted clown figs are well done. Perhaps they could've increased the price of the set to make the rides a bit more substantial, but I guess they were focused on putting in the action features at a relatively decent price.

    Overall, it's not a bad selection of Hidden Side models, but I do think they're a little more lacking compared to the solid first wave. Beyond the lighthouse, the other models don't quite have the same substance compared to last year's sets like the school, bus, or diner. Still, maybe there's added play value with the mobile game to be had, so I'll be interested to see if the theme continues to grow. Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out the rest of our Toy Fair 2020 coverage!

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