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    The Beasts of Mata Nui
    Monday, March 11th, 2002 at 10:36am
    No creature that speaks has seen the Makuta and returned. Their lair could lie in every shadow, every bit of darkness conceals danger. Some say it has three heads. Others say it can change into many forms. Only one thing is known for sure: if not stopped, it's power and evil will grow to dominate all of Mata Nui. 
    The legend says the Makuta is a whirling, kicking, screaming, clawing beast. He--or IT-- could be many things at once - cobra, tiger, hawk. Each must be defeated before the Makuta emerges from deep inside the surface of Mata Nui and replicates into a vicious swarm of separate and equally deadly beasts. And if this happens, the beings of Mata Nui will know untold harm. So the legend says.


    Nui-Rama (Lego Code: 8537)

    The Nui-Rama resemble large, flying insects. They can be found throughout Mata Nui, though it is believed they make their nests in Lewa�s jungles. Nui-Rama spend most of their time in the air, spying on the Toa for Makuta or stalking their prey.

    The Nui-Rama can make their buzzing wings flip forward to dislodge an opponent�s mask. They can fly at great speed and often use hit-and-run tactics to keep their enemies off-balance.

    Although Nui-Rama are not as powerful as Toa, they have one very large advantage over the heroes: they can fly. The Mask of Levitation allows a Toa to float on the air, but none of the Toa have the power of flight. This gives the Nui-Rama a huge edge and makes them a real threat to the Toa and the tribes of Mata Nui.



    Muaka & Kane-Ra (Lego Code: 8538)

    Although they are very different creatures, Muaka and Kane-Ra work together because Makuta wishes them to do so. Muaka is a large tiger-like creature and Kane-Ra resembles a great bull. They are two of the most powerful Rahi!

    Both Muaka and Kane-Ra are capable of extending their necks a great distance, making it easier for them to corner and catch prey. Muaka relies on his snapping jaws, Kane-Ra on his sharp horns. Muaka and Kane-Ra are both very fast and rely on surprise.

    Many a Tohunga has made the mistake of thinking that because Muaka or Kane-Ra was far away, there was no danger. Their ability to extend their necks means you can never be sure where an attack will come from. Often, Muaka hides in the jungle and will suddenly shoot his head forward to grab something on the path, while his body stays concealed.



    Nui-Jaga (Lego Code: 8548)

    The Nui-Jaga are huge, scorpion-like creatures. They can be found primarily in the deserts of Mata Nui, though they have been spotted in the jungles and along the coast as well. Nui-Jaga normally hunt in pairs.

    Nui-Jaga rely on their strong claws and their powerful stinger. A single well-placed blow from a stinger can knock off an opponent�s mask. They have also been known to work with other Rahi, using their stingers to �herd� enemies into ambushes.

    The best way to survive an encounter with a Nui-Jaga is to stay out its way. Their speed, their stingers, and their cunning make them dangerous opponents. The Toa most successful at battling Nui-Jaga is Lewa, who can take to the trees and stay out of range of their stingers.



    Tarakava (Lego Code: 8549)

    Tarakava live in the oceans and rivers of Mata Nui, preferring the shallows close to the shoreline. They are huge, lizard-like creatures and virtually always hunt in pairs. Those Tohunga who sail the waters of Mata Nui have learned to fear the Tarakava more than any other Rahi.

    Tarakava are amphibious. They can stay underwater for prolonged periods of time, waiting for a chance to strike. When prey comes near, their use their powerful arms to stun their target. They have also been known to attack Tohunga boats, capsizing them.

    Like the Nui-Rama, the Tarakava are comfortable in an element unfamiliar to most Toa: water. Gali, the Toa of water, is the best equipped to battle Tarakava, and even she is wary of them. Pohatu and Lewa, both of whom dislike water, are at the biggest disadvantage when facing Tarakava.



    Manas (Lego Code: 8539)

    The Manas are the most powerful guardians of Makuta. They resemble huge crabs, and their sheer power and vicious tempers are legendary. Just where on Mata Nui they can be found remains a mystery, but it is believed they protect the lair of Makuta.

    The Manas' most powerful weapons are their claws. A Manas claw is powerful enough to snap a full-grown tree in half. When they are not fighting the enemies of Makuta, the Manas stay combat-ready by fighting with each other.

    Manas are easily the most dangerous Rahi. They are so powerful that no single Toa can hope to defeat them. Only by combining their powers and skills can the heroes of Mata Nui successfully challenge these monsters.


    All of the Rahi, are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, the Nui-Rama will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed.


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